Darrell Butler “Personal Empowerment: A Historical Breakthrough” | UCF Africana Studies

Darrell Butler “Personal Empowerment: A Historical Breakthrough”

When: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 From 10:30 AM – 11:45 AM
Where: UCF Student Union Key West, Room 218A
Topic: “Personal Empowerment: A Historical Breakthrough”

Darrell Butler applies his 20 years of personal empowerment consulting through the lenses of milestone historical events of the African American experience. This will be a facilitated, interactive discussion to understand some foundational empowerment principles, with an Africana twist. We will also examine how to apply these principles to academic and career success.

About Mr. Butler

Darrell Butler is President of Butler Consulting Group – BC Innovations. For more than 15 years he has assisted organizations in “making workplace tension productive” through strategic consulting, training, and speaking in the areas of diversity/inclusion, personal empowerment, and work-life balance. More information can be found at www.EmpoweredInclusion.com