Africana Studies
Any black who strives to achieve in this country should think in terms of not only himself, but also how he can reach down and grab another black child and pull him to the top of the mountain where he is. Jesse Owens

Africana Studies is dedicated to developing expertise and knowledge of the black experience in the African Diaspora. We offer a forum for students to understand the significant contributions blacks have made to world civilization and the American experiment.

Africana Studies "is not simply some automatic understanding that flows from being black," but represent "a conscious inquiry into the history, culture, and sociopolitical condition of African and African American people. It is an exploration that calls for understanding of African and African American realities in the world, not divorced from it."—Johnetta Cole, Ph.D.

Today in African American History

  • 1973 Leila Smith Foley elected major of Taft, Okla., the first black female to be elected mayor of a U.S. city; she holds the position thirteen years.
  • 1864 Acclaimed soprano-baritone singer Flora Batson is born in Washington D.C.


March 2014

Info: The Africana Studies Program is starting an Ambassador program and is looking for minors that want to be more involved in the future of the program to help spread the word about Africana Studies. [Read More]

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